Welcome to Team Voltage!

2020 Winter Travel season for Grades 6th-11th is as follows


Season information


National team


* Practice two nights a week (up to 2 hrs no less than 1 1/2 hrs)
*Practices will be held at  Fairfax County Public School (Centreville
*Games will be held on weekends in DC and MD.
*  $250 season fee

Regional team


*Nov 30th-Jan. 26th — 6 game reg reason schedule weekend only. All teams making the playoff.  Regular season end date may change if we run into any weather-related issues during the season. NO games played on the weekends of 12/21 or 12/28. Teams will be required to play 2 games in 1 weekend at least once during the season.- Saturday/Sunday games– 1/25 is playoff weekend.

* Practice two nights a week (up to 2 hrs no less than 1 1/2 hrs)

*Practices will be held at  Fairfax County and Prince William County Public School (Centreville/Manassas area)
*  $200 season fee

Season fees are due by NOV 5th


Tryouts fee:   FREE


****Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE****


A.  Reversible Uniform W/ Name – $65
B.  Reversible Uniform W/ Name and team socks – $90
C.  Reversible Uniform W/ Name, team socks, shooting shirt and backpack – $150

Click here for size chart

Payment options:

1.  Payment in full on the day of selection
2.  Half on the day of selection with the balance due by the start of the season
3.  Fundraising and sponsorship opportunities! We don’t want money to be an issue


Registration and Jersey fees can be paid online by clicking the “SHOP” button at top of the page or by Personal Check, Cashier Check or Money Order made payable to Team Voltage Basketball.

For travel purposes, the teams will be selected based on the participant’s age, skills, and commitment.
Note: Membership fees DO NOT cover the cost of travel expenses.
****Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE****

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